How It Works


We built the Compare Page in order for internet users to easily compare companies in a wide range of categories. We noticed that traditional search methods simply weren't working for most internet users, especially when making buying decisions. Often there are dozens of companies within a certain category and there are many variables that consumers must weigh in order to make an informed decision. This can be accomplished by navigating to each Company’s website and extracting the information piecemeal, but what if there was a way to display this information concisely on one page? This is exactly what we did with our Compare Page. We have collected information on hundreds of companies using our team of experts and other reliable sources. Our technology then compiles this information and delivers you a succinct set of results for every category. We stand by three primary principles in order to create the best possible user experience:

Relevant Categories

The first decision that we had to make in building out the Compare Page was which categories to focus on. Through extensive research and a number of consumer surveys, we were able to identify the highest in-demand categories. From there, we narrowed the field down to categories which were most difficult for consumers to make buying decisions. For example, Auto Insurance is a type of insurance product that has many variables, pricing options, and is quite difficult to understand.

Quality First

We strive to only show companies that have met the strict standards set by our internal review team. Various public sources are also used to vet companies to make sure that they offer valuable and reliable products and services. We only use reputable public sources to determine a company’s Public Rating. Time-tested organizations like a BBB are able to provide us with accurate information for many companies in our Compare Page. We are extremely selective in what sources we use to establish Company Ratings and our team thoroughly vets all information prior to publishing. In addition to public information, our internal review team also writes reviews and establishes ratings based on a number of factors.

We Value Your Feedback

When you sign up for a account you also gain the ability to post reviews for any company on the Compare Page. Your feedback has a major impact on the overall Public Rating that we establish for companies. The Public Rating piechart illustrates the five sources that make up every Public Rating.